5 Must-have Tools for Your Jewelry Repair Store



Setting up a nice, profitable jewelry repair business is not that easy. You should have a team of experienced technicians, an efficient marketing channel, and a vendor who can provide reliable repair parts. Also, the location of your service center or lab matters a lot.

But on top, the thing that matters the most is having all the required and latest equipment to help you do the repairs timely. And in this post, we will be discussing what are the five must-have tools for your jewelry repair store. Additionally, you will get to know how software for jewelry store help you streamline your business. Below are the details.

  • Polishing Machine

It is one of the essential tools to have at your repair store. Many customers want their jewelry pieces to remain pristine and look fresh, just like new. And for that, they often visit jewelers to get their gemstones, rings, and bracelets polished.

So, according to your requirements, you can pick a polishing machine. However, ensure that it is feasible for all types of jewels. We recommend you pick a machine powered by a motor.

And if you polish gold and silver as well, keep a rough and Tripoli wheel buff for each metal as well. Moreover, try keeping the wheels of each compound separate from one another to avoid contamination.

  • Cutters 

Good quality cutters are among some of the must-have tools for your jewelry repair store. You can find a number of jewelry cutters out there in the market. Some of which are good, and some might not be of superior quality. Ensure you pick the right one to fulfill all your requirements.

In addition, consider using repair shop software, as it will let you manage everything at your store. From inventory to employees to cash flow management, you can streamline everything. Similarly, you can better keep in touch with your customers using such a system.

  • Gauges

Gauges account for essential tools to help you measure the exact or required size. Below are some of the best effective gauges you should have at your repair lab.

  • Micrometer caliper
  • Ruler
  • Mounting gauge
  • Finger gauge
  • Bracelet sizing gauge

There are a number of other measuring tools as well that you can look for on the internet. Or you can ask other repair shop owners what type of gear you should equip your store with.  

  • Pliers

How can one forget having pliers at their jewelry repair store? They help a jeweler like you to open jump rings, finish wire-wrapped ends and do other repairs. Several customers would be looking for labs to alter the size of their jewelry. And in such orders, pliers play a major role.

Using this tool, you can customize any piece of metal according to your customer’s requirements and desires. And whenever your sales seem to decrease, you must market your repair service.

According to some estimates, watch and jewelry repair is a $2bilion industry. And if you wish to succeed in it, you should put in the effort and have the right tools to do the repairs.

  • Software for Jewelry Store
  • Running a jewelry repair store using manual methods and old management techniques is not worth it. These days, using technology is a must to make your business successful. May it be repair, retail, manufacturing, or any other profession, until or unless you don’t pick the right strategy, you won’t succeed.

And nowadays, the right strategy means using the best available advanced tools to ease processes. This is where software for your jewelry repair business comes into play.

You don’t have to count all the cash at the end of the day manually. Or listing down all the repair parts and accessories you need. Or hire a supervisor to keep an eye on the repairers and other employees.

Instead, you can use jewelry repair shop management software specifically designed for business owners like you. Think of it as a partner in your business, as it can keep track of everything even if you are not at your store. Additionally, you can customize the software according to the operations at your repair shops.

Final Words

Becoming a successful jeweler can be challenging, specifically when you live in a country like the US or UK, where a number of service providers are already there. However, it is not impossible as well. Hire the best technicians, get the required tools and software, and keep your inventory top-up.

Last, do not forget or ignore advertising your repair store. And for that, you can pick social media marketing or use RepairDesk POS. It will send promotional messages and emails to your target audience, letting them know what you are offering at your repair lab.

With that, we hope you will have all the tools mentioned in this post and make your repair business successful soon.

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