Loft Conversion Insulation: How to Achieve a 0.15 U-Value



A fully insulated loft space is essential for creating an energy-efficient home especially if you’re converting your loft into a liveable room. Loft conversions are notorious for being cold in the winter but boiling hot during the summer. There are some limitations when it comes to insulating a loft including the need to meet current building regulations and limited headroom. However, with Multifoil Insulation like YBS SuperQuilt and YBS BreatherQuilt, you can achieve excellent insulation performance without compromising on space, installation time, or cost. 

How to Achieve a 0.15 U-Value 

Multifoil Insulation products like YBS SuperQuilt are an excellent choice for meeting a certain U-value. It’s a multi-layered, high-performing insulation blanket that’s certified for Building Control by LABC, BDA, and BBA for use in loft conversions as well as roofs, walls, and floors. 

There are many different ways you can reach a 0.15 U-Value in your loft conversion insulation, and it all depends on whether you can install insulation over the rafter as well as under rafter, the centres and depth of the rafters, and whether it’s a pitched or flat roof. 

Check out our FREE-to-use U-Value Calculator which will give you a better indication of how much Multifoil Insulation you’ll need for your loft conversion to meet current Building Regulations. 

Multifoil Insulation for Loft Conversions

If you’re installing a new roof whilst completing your loft conversion, you’ll want to install a breathable membrane over the rafters, this prevents any water from getting in but allows excess moisture to escape and prevents any issues with condensation or damp building up. Why not install Multifoil Insulation at the same time with YBS BreatherQuilt which is a 2 in 1 breather membrane and thermal insulation? 

To insulate under rafter, YBS SuperQuilt is the best option. It has the best thermal insulating properties due to its 19 layers of true aluminium foil and wadding. Its unique makeup allows it to reflect radiant heat, reduce heat loss, and maintain a comfortable temperature within the building. Traditional fibre insulation deteriorates over time however SuperQuilt comes with a lifetime guarantee to ensure long-lasting thermal performance. 

The Benefits of Multifoil Insulation

Compliant with Building Control – Due to SuperQuilt being fully certified by BBA, BDA, and LABC for Building Control, it meets the required standards for loft conversions and other applications. This can give you some piece of mind knowing that your choice of insulation is approved by reputable authorities. 

Cost-Effective Installation – Both SuperQuilt and BreatherQuilt are incredibly easy to install. Anyone can install them they don’t require specialist equipment or PPE. There is no need to hire a tradesman to install SuperQuilt you simply staple it into place. 

Space Saving Solution – One of the major advantages of SuperQuilt is its ability to save space. During Installation, SuperQuilt Compresses down to just 10mm. Due to its thin and flexible nature, SuperQuilt is often installed within the rafters. This results in minimal impact on headroom which is essential for loft conversions. 

Excellent Thermal Performance – SuperQuilt and BreatherQuilt are beneficial during the summer and winter. The multi-layered and reflective properties work together to minimize heat loss during the winter. Throughout the summer months, it reflects excess heat away to maintain a comfortable temperature. 


Insulating your loft conversion is an essential step to creating a comfortable and energy-efficient space. YBS SuperQuilt and YBS BreatherQuilt are excellent options for any loft conversion. Check out our FREE-to-use U-Value Calculator for more information on how to achieve a 0.15 U-Value. 

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