Online Career Training of Job Ready Programs on The Rise



Higher education is shifting. No longer is earning degrees the only means of attaining degrees. online career training for Job Ready Programs have grown increasingly popular as an alternative form of higher education.

Labor shortages and an ever evolving tech environment mean that higher education is no longer the guarantee of career success that it once was. So Job Ready Programs should learn for their best future.

Higher education still holds an essential place in learning and development for job-seekers. However, in decades past it would have been commonplace to see higher education requirements. So for entry-level positions in job postings.

Best educational requirements

As we can see post-Great Recession, educational requirements prevented almost two in three Americans from finding employment they would have otherwise qualified for.

Now, the job market has evolved significantly. Employers increasingly prioritize skills-based hiring over educational institution hiring criteria. Google and Apple, among other tech and Fortune 500 companies, no longer require college degrees for employment purposes – according to a 2022 Burning Glass Institute report, between 2017 and 2019, 46% of middle-skill jobs reduced degree requirements and 31% of high-skill ones reduced them too.

What Is an Online Career Training Program?

Online career training programs provide intensive programs designed to equip you with the specific technical skills required for success in today’s rapidly-evolving tech landscape. Their aim is to get you job-ready quickly.

An online career training program equips individuals with the necessary skills for specific areas of work.

To become a software developer, traditional routes include attending school for computer science. An alternative solution would be enrolling in an online coding training program which offers specific programming languages like Java or Rails as well as skills desired by programmers.

Coding training programs were among the earliest to make waves; you might know them better as “coding boot camps.” Today, however, there’s an assortment of subject areas and more extensive career training programs in tech available to choose from.

Some common types of online career training programs:

Coding training programs

Focusing on the necessary coding skills, languages and hands-on experience required to enter software engineering or web development industries.

Data analytics training programs

Focusing on developing the necessary analytics skills and visualization processes required of an effective data analyst.

Data Science training programs

As a data scientist, you’ll specialize in designing frameworks and systems to predict and interpret data; you will also create new ways of extracting this information for interpretation and extraction purposes.

Cybersecurity training programs

By honing in on network monitoring, security best practices and how to detect vulnerabilities, you will equip yourself to enter different industries as a cybersecurity analyst.

UX/UI design training programs

Focusing on the principles of user experience (UX) and interface (UI) design – such as user research and prototyping – to become a UX designer is one approach.

Career Training Programs vs Higher Education

Aspiring tech professionals increasingly favor career training programs over higher education.

One of the primary advantages of enrolling in a career training program is the affordable pricing structure.

The National Center for Education Statistics recently reported that an undergraduate program at an in state institution costs an estimated average of $52,684.

Career training programs for tech roles often cost only a fraction of that figure.

How much you should expect to pay out-of-pocket for career training varies based on the course type and provider; an online search may turn up options as low as $1,000.

However, for more robust and reputable programs, online career training programs generally range in cost from $10,000-$15,000.

Time Commitment

One major advantage to enrolling in a career training program is the shorter time commitment necessary to earn certifications.

Time management can be difficult when trying to complete a four- or two-year program full-time, particularly if you are currently employed and seeking a change. Although part-time study options exist, these tend to extend the time needed to complete your degree.

Career training programs aim to quickly get you job-ready without compromising your education, typically lasting from a few weeks up to six months of career training programs.

There are full-time intensive career training programs out there, but most tech training programs tend to cater more closely towards people already employed full-time and are tailored accordingly. You’ll likely find part-time or self-study tech programs online as these flexible options should fit with any schedule – making sure you find something perfect!

Not to forget the commute

Palo Alto Training degree programs tend to take place on-campus, which may increase time commitment or limit program options.

There are both in-person and online career training programs, giving you access to your chosen classes quickly and conveniently.

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