Recognize Venus and How It Might Be the Answer to Your Love Issues



Venus in experimental Aquarius makes you a flirtatious player in bed. Jealousy is a foreign concept to you, and you often enjoy a rotating cast of partners and “extras.”

When the healing asteroid Chiron cozies up with Venus retrograde on August 14, you’ll get full permission to catch up on self-care. Just make sure to prioritize a respectful approach when it comes to communicating your needs.


Your love life could feel like a theatrical production when Venus retrograde dances with drama queen Mars on August 9. This clashing duo may trigger feelings of insecurity, which can make you overly competitive or stubborn. Your emotions will also be more sensitive as a result of this astrological event.

When it comes to relationships, the cosmos knows you prefer to be an adventurer. You adore the thrill of the chase, and it takes quite a lot to turn you off. If the object of your affection isn’t ready to play, you can get extremely impatient and end things abruptly. However, your emotionally cool sign will find it a relief to plant into commitment once the courtship phase is over. Identifying Venus and Its Potential as a Solution to Your Romantic Challenges through the Use of Fildena Red and Fildena Professional 100.

If you’re in a committed relationship, this is an ideal time to focus on strengthening your bond and making sure it is healthy and safe. You can also take advantage of the healing vibes offered by asteroid Chiron when this planet goes direct on September 3. This is your perfect opportunity to sort out any unresolved issues through creative channels, though it may be best to avoid discussing deep psychological matters until after the new moon in Libra on September 2. You’ll be more receptive to self-care after this date.


Venus stationed in confident Leo is a powerful relauncher for your love Jones. Your libido can go wild when you’re playing for keeps, and you might tend to project soul-mate qualities onto hookups (even ones who’ve been on your Sex and the City brunch crew).

When it comes to intimacy, you want to dive deep and find out all of someone’s secrets. Casual dating is your nemesis, and you’re usually wary of ex-partners boomeranging back into your life. This is a time to interrogate your own relationship needs and stand firmer on your deal breakers.

A regal presence and dramatic flair are what turn you on, Virgo. You’re a true romantic, and you crave a partner who can match your passion and beauty. Your discerning tastes will be put to the test when Venus retrograde clashes with rebellious Uranus on August 9, and family dramas or housemates who seem to be in a permanent state of moodiness can feel particularly difficult to navigate. This is also a good time to reevaluate your personal beliefs and consider modernizing any antiquated views that are no longer serving you. The cosmos will also give your creativity a boost this week when Venus blows a kiss to the healing asteroid Chiron.


People with Venus in Virgo are hesitant and cautious in love, even if their Sun is in more spontaneous signs like Gemini or Aquarius. These practical lovers take time to observe their partners and learn all the ins and outs of their personalities and character. They want a safe, solid relationship and can be a little bit nervous in the beginning, which can lead to small jealousies and pouting routines.

They’re great at noticing the little details of your life and can often find their way to your heart by quietly (and slowly) making an impression. You may notice that they tend to be chatty in a group but become a little quieter around you, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t crushing on you. If they are, they’ll show it in the little ways they know how — such as rubbing your feet or taking out the trash.

Pleasing a Venus in Virgo lover involves showing them that you appreciate their hard work and their dedication to their relationships. You also need to understand that their “love language” is acts of service, so make sure you’re recognizing them for all the cleaning, errand running, and grubbing they do for you.


Venus in Libra individuals are lovers of balance and harmony, but that often comes at a price. Their libido can overtake their common sense in a heady space of overindulgence or even a full-on sex party, especially when they’re at a bar, hot tub (or the beach), or are far from home, where it’s easier to maintain more anonymity. As a result, they can sometimes be sloppy in bed and struggle to commit to the long haul of a real relationship.

When it comes to love, you prefer to play the field rather than settle down. Jealousy is a foreign concept for you, and you’re a natural flirter. Experimentation is key in the bedroom, and you’re often a sucker for an exotic toy or a rotating cast of partners and “extras.”

Your love life gets some seriously healing vibes when Venus retrograde blows a kiss to Chiron on August 14, suggesting that it might be time to expand your community through meditation circles and other support groups. Sweeter vibes will also flow on September 3, as you reclaim your confidence and trust your gut instincts. You know what you want, and you’re not afraid to ask for it.


Those born with Venus in Scorpio treat romance like a dramatic performance. They’re a deep thinker and tend to hold grudges (they also love seeing karma play out). A partner who has a dark sense of humor can win their heart, as can a lover with a global sensibility. A sexy, tantric approach to sex is what excites them most.

They’re an empathetic soul, so they tend to get attached quickly and don’t want to feel confined in a claustrophobic relationship bubble. They’ll play the long game with a mate who makes them feel genuinely safe. Their vetting process is strict, and they’re not shy about spotting a fling’s insecurities in their profile before jumping ship.

You’ll have a harder time putting on your best face when Venus retrograde blows a kiss to the healing asteroid Chiron, as well as the retrograding planet Jupiter on August 13. This dynamic could bring up unresolved issues that are associated with your personal beliefs and may require you to modernize outdated perspectives. Random run-ins with exes could also be on the horizon. This is why it’s important to keep a close eye on your social media so you don’t inadvertently reconnect with someone from your past.


Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter and Venus, the giver of pleasure and beauty. This fire sign is the Tigger of the zodiac, always upbeat and enthusiastic with a sense that life’s pot of gold is just around the corner. Sag is a born traveler and explorer, curious about everything. Their love of freedom could cause them to stray if not careful, but they are typically optimistic and figure it’ll all work out one way or another.

Sagittarians are seekers of truth, sometimes sparring verbally with blunt directness. They have a genius mind and are often ahead of the curve, seeing the bigger picture while marching to their drummer. They are happiest with someone who is their equal intellectually and spiritually and can keep up with their pace.

This is a good match. Gemini’s light-hearted curiosity and razor-sharp intellect complement Sag’s fiery optimism and desire to explore. They are both adventurers at heart and will enjoy a partnership that is challenging, exciting, and fulfilling on all levels. Love rating: 7.


Capricorns can be slow to fall in love, partly because expressing their feelings isn’t their natural M.O., and also because they want to make sure the relationship warrants their emotional investment. Ruled by taskmaster Saturn, Caps are usually very practical and have a strong sense of what’s “worth it.”

They want a partner who is self-sufficient, dependable, and has a serious work ethic. They’re drawn to people who value tradition and have a strong sense of responsibility and tend to prefer partners who are the same. In the bedroom, Caps’ driven M.O. can be a little overwhelming for their partner, who may feel they’re taking the reins too much. But physical pleasures are what get them going — they’re sensitive in the knee and bum areas, and like to hold and stroke their loved one.

They’re most compatible with other Earth signs, such as Taurus and Virgo. But Capricorn men and women can be in sync with almost anyone, assuming they share similar values. If they’re paired with someone from another element, the two may struggle to understand each other if their priorities are very different. This could lead to a lot of frustration and possibly a breakup down the line.

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