Surviving the Wild West: Defensive Driving in New Mexico



Yeehaw, pardners! Welcome to the Land of Enchantment, where the desert meets the road, and defensive driving takes on a whole new meaning. Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a hilarious journey through the wild world of driving in New Mexico.

The Roadrunner Effect

In New Mexico, we don’t have traffic jams; we have Roadrunner races. You’ll find yourself behind the wheel, channeling your inner Wile E. Coyote as you chase those elusive fast-moving birds down the highway. Just remember, ACME products are not recommended for road use.

Cacti as Lane Dividers

Forget about those boring white lines on the road; we use cacti as lane dividers here! Defensive driving means swerving expertly to avoid getting cozy with a prickly friend. Pro tip: Invest in a good pair of puncture-proof tires.

The “Green Chile Roadblock”

When you see a roadblock in New Mexico, it’s not due to construction; it’s because a local food truck has set up shop right in the middle of the road. Defensive driving means navigating around chile-stuffed burritos and churros without spilling your horchata.

UFO Interceptions

New Mexico is the UFO capital of the world, and you’ll need some top-notch defensive driving skills to avoid getting beamed up by extraterrestrial visitors. If you spot a UFO, don’t panic—just accelerate and hope for the best. Who knows, maybe they’ll offer you a tour of Area 51.

The Infamous Coyote U-Turn

When you miss your exit in New Mexico, there’s no need to panic. Simply execute the patented “Coyote U-Turn” maneuver, complete with anvil-dodging and creative use of a rocket-powered ACME pogo stick. Be sure to check for incoming trains.

Speed Bumps… With Attitude

In other places, speed bumps are small, inconspicuous obstacles. But in New Mexico, they’re more like personality tests. Defensive driving means handling these speed bumps with style, grace, and possibly a little off-roading adventure. Remember, the higher the bounce, the cooler you look.

The “Wild West Showdown”

Don’t be surprised if you encounter a Wild West showdown at a four-way stop. In New Mexico, we take our right-of-way seriously, and it’s not uncommon for drivers to engage in a high-noon-style standoff. Defensive driving means keeping your hand on your horn and your wits about you.

The Elusive Blinker

In New Mexico, using your turn signal is a well-guarded secret. Defensive driving involves developing a sixth sense for guessing where other drivers are going, often with a healthy dose of telepathy. When in doubt, honk and wave—it’s the universal New Mexican signal for “I’m making a move.”

Dust Storm Dodgeball

When the wind kicks up and a dust storm rolls in, defensive driving becomes a real-life game of dodgeball. Visibility plummets to zero, and you’ll rely on your trusty spidey-sense to avoid collisions. Just remember, it’s all fun and games until someone’s tumbleweed collection gets damaged.

So there you have it, folks—a crash course in defensive driving, New Mexico style. Take’s Defensive Driving Course New Mexico.  With a little humor and a whole lot of quirkiness, you’ll be ready to tackle the challenges of the open road in the Land of Enchantment. Just remember to keep your sense of adventure alive, your horn honking, and your eyes peeled for UFOs and tumbleweeds. Happy trails!

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