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Card games have always been a means of entertainment for people. Rummy is a special card game that has gained popularity and thus holds a special place in most cultures. This has led to different modifications of the game, thus the emergence of its various variations. 

With the online gaming platform continuously rising, online rummy games have become quite popular for card game lovers. The names and rules of these rummy variations may vary, but the game’s objective is the same: players must pick and discard cards. Therefore, if you are a card game fan and want to try out rummy, here are the many types of this game you need to know to enjoy playing rummy with friends and family.

Indian Rummy

Indian rummy is a type of 13 Card Rummy because it utilises 13 cards per player. Most players believe this online rummy game stems from Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. Two decks of 52 cards are combined and chosen for six players; for two players, a deck of 52 cards is dealt. The player who finishes their set of cards must make a valid declaration to win the game. The game can also use the Joker card to substitute for any player’s desired card. Indian Rummy also has other variations like;

  • Points Rummy,
  • Pool Rummy, 
  • Deals Rummy

13 Card Rummy

This rummy type is most common in India, and rummy fans can enjoy this game in some of the rummy’s best apps. For the game, each player is dealt 13 cards. And to declare a win, there must be at least one pure sequence (without the joker) and one impure sequence (with the joker). Each card has points; the Face cards and Aces each have 10 points, the number cards have the same points as the number on them, and Joker cards have 0 points. The game’s main objective is to meld the cards, reducing the points to zero as the points carry a negative value. The first player to achieve this is the winner.

21 Card Rummy

Like any other online rummy game, 21 Card follows the same rules for the majority. The only major difference is that players are dealt 21 cards and should make at least three pure sequences. This, therefore, makes 21 Card rummy one of the hardest rummy variations to play. Another unique feature of this game is the use of jokers. There are the upper and lower jokers. For instance, if the cut-joker is a 4 of diamonds, the upper joker becomes the 5 of diamonds, and the lower one is 3 of diamonds. Please note the lower and upper joker has to be the same as the cut joker. Additionally, the lower and the upper jokers can be a substitute for any card to help form a pure sequence.

Gin Rummy

This type of rummy game is slightly different from the 13 and 21-card rummy games. It’s a 2-4 player game where players are dealt ten cards instead of 13 or 21 to make a set of sequences. A major difference with this rummy game is that the A card can be considered as the first card, which will then be followed by 2 and 3. Players can enjoy this game from some of the best rummy apps. Before you start playing real money games, you can always use the free versions to practise. In Gin Rummy, a player can win without having a valid set of cards. For a value less than 10, a player can ‘knock’ for a win. 


This is a type of rummy mostly popular in Spain. The game involves four joker cards which are the same. All the 2s and the four jokers in the deck are treated the same way as the wild cards. Therefore, players must create sets or melds of 7 cards and go all out during the game.


It’s a type of rummy that is a mixture of Rummy and mahjong. It is a popular card game involving two decks. The numbers of the cards are marked 1-13 in blue, red, black and orange. The players are dealt 14 tiles and must make three sets and lay down their tiles. If any player can’t play during their turn, they must draw a fresh tile. The first player to lay down all their tiles is the winner of the game.

500 Rummy

Also known as Persian Rummy or Pinochle, this rummy type can consist of 2 – 8 players. This variation of rummy only carries positive points, and the players with more than 500 points win. The rules are similar to that of a classic game.

Rummy is a popular card game with fans widespread worldwide. The game’s popularity and its many variations have led to the emergence of some reliable and popular rummy apps you can enjoy playing in for easy accessibility. There are several other types of rummy; the ones above are just a few of the most common ones. 

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